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The Waters Consulting Group provides innovative solutions in managing, developing, and recruiting  key-human capital in your organization. We provide Executive Recruiting complemented by a suite of online Human Resources Management Solutions. We have been servicing our clients since 1976 – and are one of the most experienced – and most innovative companies in this highly competitive industry.

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The Waters Consulting Group recognizes that the success of your organization is directly related to the quality of people and leadership within your organization. That is why our mission and commitment is to bring you the most talented, experienced, and qualified candidates for your selection. More importantly we strive to bring you the best “fit” for the job.

Our web based solutions offer you the convenience of SaaS (Software as a Service) so all you need is a browser, without any additional hardware or software expenses and no hidden costs. With SaaS we maintain the software and infrastructure and the service is charged on pay-per-use basis.

The Waters Consulting Group - Human Resources ConsultingHR Consulting

Our Human Resources Consulting Division was recently acquired by the Segal Group. Please click the button below and be directed to:


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The Waters Consulting Group - Human Resources ConsultingExecutive Recruitment

Our Executive Recruitment Services identify and bring you the best talent and match for your organization. We utilize years of experience coupled with state of the art metrics and personality profiling to match your organizational culture and needs with the best available candidates.

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The Waters Consulting Group - Human Resources ConsultingWeb Based HR Solutions

Based on years of experience and to address the changing needs in the industry, the Waters Consulting Group has developed a Comprehensive Suite of Online Solutions that help you audit and monitor internal, external and individual equity and competitiveness within your total compensation systems.

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