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SurveyNavigator™ is a powerful online tool that provides instantaneous, reliable – and nationwide access to current pay and benefits information for all levels of local government positions across the country.

SurveyNavigator displays hundreds of job titles from organizations just like yours. It’s so easy to operate that even a novice on the Web can use it without assistance. By subscribing, you will have access to the most current, secure and password-protected salary and benefits survey Website of its nature. With this newfound power, you will be able to answer questions with confidence like, “How do our salaries compare to other organizations?” and “Are we paying appropriately to attract and retain the most talented employees?”

Let us help you by providing survey data that you can count on for accurate and timely decisions. Take the guess work out of compensation!

The Waters Consulting Group - SurveyNavigator ScreenshotWith SurveyNavigator, online job summaries put critical position matching at your fingertips. No more time wasted with laborious searches through large survey books. Now just click and select only the data that you need. Also feel confident in knowing that SurveyNavigator contains the most current data in the market.

Our flexible entry format simplifies the salary comparison process that is so critical to the market survey matching process. Presentations are effortless with our easy to use data download feature in Excel or Word. This newest feature allows you to streamline your data request history in one neat file for future searches-not to mention the fact that it helps you to explain and justify your recommendations. It also helps to customize your compensation needs and pay goals that are specific to your organization.

WCG - SurveyNavigator DetailsSurveyNavigator allows you to determine how your organization compares in the market in just minutes. Save valuable time when conducting updates to your compensation program. A vast data bank compiled using our expert surveying techniques establishes SurveyNavigator as one of the most innovative and forward-focused website of its kind.

Customized search and save features make this a resource you will depend upon.

Data searches are executed simple by selecting a job title and clicking when prompted to narrow your selection. You are able to evaluate salary from the low end to the highest in seconds.

It’s that simple. There are no calculations or complicated spreadsheets necessary. Let SurveyNavigator do all of the work! It’s so easy, that a novice staff member can compile the data for your review. SurveyNavigator puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to the serious decisions required and needed for compensation management, making you the expert.

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