Compensation Consulting & Monitoring

As you well know, organizations are taking a more hard-line approach to overall budget and project management than ever before. Having been in the management consulting business for the last 35 years, our firm understands that to effectively function, an organization requires timely and accurate compensation data – which in many cases turns out to be one of the most difficult challenges for most organizations.

Compensation Monitoring is provided through our state of art web-based platform, PayDesigner©, and is an efficient and cost effective way to manage and audit the single largest budget item in all organizations – the cost of human capital. PayDesigner offers a comprehensive approach to more effectively and efficiently manage this critical function and reduce overall costs.

Through, PayDesigner compensation monitoring and/or support is more affordable than you might think and can be used on a customized, as-needed basis with no long-term contract commitments.

It is the perfect solution for organizations of all sizes. It can be used for a single project, or as an ongoing extension of your current operations.
 We can show you how to save costs while increasing the level of “intelligence” on compensation issues at your fingertips.

The benefits of Compensation Monitoring include:

Individually, each of these services can be both time consuming and costly. With Compensation Monitoring, a proactive approach is taken to remedy most challenges before they become burdensome problems. Eliminating the need for large studies.


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